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12629 - Biology/chemistry teacher

insegnante di scienze
- Iz - Zebbiegh /Malta
Secondary school is looking for
1 Biology/Chemistry Teacher (ID 364212)
Job description
A full time teacher has the following working load and receives a yearly teacher’s allowance to cover any class teacher or extra duties deemed to be necessary for the effective and efficient running of the school. i. Junior Sector: A contact period of 21 hours and 45 minutes per week (in June 20 hours per week) averaged out over a period of 1 term, plus a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes of planning sessions. ii.
Senior Sector: A contact period of 16 hours per week (in June 10 hours per week), plus a maximum of 1 hour and 20 minutes planning sessions, and a maximum of 1 hour 20 minutes of replacements per week. Provided that where teachers are remunerated for any lessons delivered in excess of the aforementioned 16 hours of contact time per week, the maximum 1 hour 20 minutes replacement lesson load remains unaltered.

Duties and Responsibilities of a full-time teacher:
• Planning and preparing schemes of work and preparing lesson material; • Advising and cooperating with the Head of School/ Head of Sector and other teachers during normal working hours on the preparation and development of courses of study, teaching materials, teaching programmes, methods of teaching and assessment and evaluation; • Coordinate adapted examination papers for students with individual educational needs with the assistance of the LSE concerned and the school INCO. • Keeping methods of teaching and programmes of work under review and modifying them as the need arises or as directed by the Head of School; • Teaching the pupils assigned to him/her, according to their educational needs; • Proper and timely setting and marking of work given in school to be carried out by pupils in school and elsewhere; • Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress and attainment of pupils; • Participating in arrangements for preparing students for examinations and in assessing pupils and recording their achievements; • Setting and marking of examination papers; supervising candidates under examination conditions during normal working hours; • Preparing supplementary exam papers, with due coordination with LSEs and marking the exam papers against payment; • Supervising the work of persons and professionals engaged to provide support for the normal teaching programme and coordination with the same and with the INCO where necessary to ensure the best possible educational experience for all his students (ex. LSEs and teachers’ assistants); Maintaining good order and discipline among pupils and following appropriate procedures for their safety; • Consulting with the parents of pupils and providing professional advice; • Attending and participating in all school functions during normal school hours, including Sports Day, staff meetings (to be held once per term outside school hours on a rotary basis) and in two Parents' Meetings, each held over one school day, one during the first and the Information other during the second term respectively. Provided that, in Senior Sector, Parents’ Meetings will run from 8:30am till 5.30pm with two half-hour breaks. A part time teacher should follow the full time teacher’s job description. A part time teacher will be paid pro-rata of the appropriate scale, and receives a pro-rata of the teacher’s allowance.
Qualifications: Masters in Chemistry/Biology at MQF Level 7 or equivalent OR Teaching Degree in Chemistry/Biology at MQF Level 6 or equivalent.
Warrant: The HR Department will guide and assist in this process which is initiated once the candidate is selected.
English level C1/2 Advanced
Contract & salary:
Salary - Supply Graduate Teacher with no previous experience with a temporary warrant: €20,603 plus Class Allowance of €1551 plus Resource Allowance of €531 plus a differential allowance of €350 per annum; - Teacher with no previous experience with a permanent warrant: €21,933 plus Class Allowance of €1998 plus Resource Allowance of €553 plus a differential allowance of €350 per annum. An increment will be included for each additional year of teaching experience. Any other benefits Apart from the standard remuneration package, The School offers a differential allowance of €350 per annum plus a basic health insurance plan which can be upgraded by the employee to a hospital plan or else to include other family members.
Last application date: 18/12/2020
  • Malta



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