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Mercoledì 04 Ottobre 2017
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4705 - Software developers for electronic patient record

responsabile di reti informatiche
Systematic has for a number of years contributed to the digitalization of the healthcare system, for instance through our clinical information system, Columna, which collects all data about the patient in one place and forms an integrated IT workplace for the clinician. Our solution is in dynamic growth and we therefore need skilled developers to lift the task with us.

The job
As Software Developer on Columna CIS, you will work closely with the customer and have the opportunity to make a difference for all users of the system, namely doctors, nurses and patients. You will become part of an agile and self-running team with skilled colleagues, where you participate in a wide range of development-related tasks.

You should apply for the job if you:

Like working agile and with a high degree of autonomy to organize your work
Want to have responsibility or joint responsibility for a wide range of development related tasks within system integration
Want a working day where you spend most of your time in a project team with Danish and international colleagues, usually consisting of 6-8 developers, a tester and an architect, a domain expert, a graphic designer and a project manager associated with the team.
Your skills and personality
You have a theoretical background like computer science, engineer or the like. We imagine that you are either newly educated or experienced in software development.

If you have solid experience with software development, we suggest that you:

Have a thorough understanding of Java and Android
Can take the lead when the solution needs to be defined and broken down
Have a strong drive and manage to get the rest of the team on-board
As a person, you enjoy working closely with your colleagues in an agile environment. You work analytically, structured, and take pride in understanding and solving complex challenges. You are ambitious and have the will and ability to continuously improve and develop yourself and others. You work methodically and have a good eye for the detail. Experience as a developer in health IT / medicine is an advantage, but not a requirement.

If you have recently graduated, we imagine that you:

Have a good knowledge of Java and like Android
Is motivated by and want to work in teams with high self-determination
Takes responsibility and actively participates as part of the team
As a person, you are good at collaborating, and you contribute positively to team dynamics. You are ambitious and have the willingness and ability to continuously improve and develop yourself. Finally, you speak and write fluent Danish and master English at high level.

Systematic offers
Our IT solutions make it simpler for the users to make critical decisions. In the defence and healthcare sectors, critical decisions often concern matters of life and death. In both the private and the public sector, our solutions must handle large amounts of data, e.g. in the library sector with more than 50 million yearly loans. To be able to continue the development of solutions that customers trust, we continuously challenge each other, our work processes and technologies. We have a highly pro-active education and training policy with defined career paths and internal pro-active Knowledge Networks.

We stay constantly focused on making everything better. Our unique combination of strong principles from CMMI and the best aspects of LEAN and Scrum enable us to develop reliable, high-quality solutions for our customers and to deliver them to the agreed price and deadline. We work in teams, and some of our teams include well-integrated insourced developers.

We prioritise a sensible balance between work and private life, and our agile approach provides you with an excellent opportunity of being able to plan your own tasks and working hours to a great extent. We value social cohesion at the workplace and have a very active staff association.

Because we also work with security classified projects, all Systematic personnel must have security clearance. Learn more at HOW TO APPLY: PLEASE SHOW AT DENMARK STAND WITH A C.V. IN ENGLISH
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